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38 minutes




N/A - Bodyweight

Training Session Description

This is a gentle 38 minute bodyweight session.

All you need is some comfortable clothes, a bit of floor space and a glass of water!

Most of all have fun, stay safe and enjoy yourself.

This training session is brought to you by Non Gendered Fitness and proudly sponsored by Drummond Street Services and Queerspace.


Warm Up
Part 1 - 3x Rounds
Push Up x6
Plank Side Steps x6
Dip x6
Part 2 - 3x Rounds
Fire Hydrant x6
Duck Unders x6
Squat Jump x4
Part 3 - 3x Rounds
Crawl x6 steps forward and back
Low Plank Side Dips x12
Tabletop Pulses x6

What are sets and reps?


Reps is a short term for ‘repetitions’. It’s how many times you repeat the exercise. So if your trainer says “Do 10 reps of bodyweight squats”, that means you do 10x squats.


In circuit training sessions, exercises are grouped together. These groups are called, Sets and are often repeated a number of times. For example, if your trainer says to do 3 sets of a 30 second plank, a 30 second and 10x cobras… that means you do those exercises, then you repeat them for a total of 3x times.


In many training sessions, exercise and sets of exercises are grouped together to the highest level. It’s common to call these groups, Rounds. You will generally have a small break in between rounds.

**Some trainers may use sets and rounds interchangeably, but in NGF’s training, we use it this way.

Video Transcript

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My Fearless Journey

My Fearless Journey

When I first started working out with Bowie I was convinced I wouldn’t stick it out for longer than 3 weeks. In my first initial workout we went through an assessment so Bowie could get a good understanding of where my fitness, or lack thereof, was. That first workout came with quite a few realisation moments for me as well.

As a child athlete I had known my body to be strong and lean and it could do just about anything I tried on the first go. As I grew up I held onto that level of flexibility and strength…

…until I had a baby.

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