Meet The Team

Bowie Stover


Fitness & Strength Coach

I am inspired by the strength and courage that Gender Diverse people show on a daily basis. Simply by being who you are and living the lives that are fulfilling to each of you.

It takes determination to face the questions that will be asked, the looks that come from others who may not know or understand your story or ask you to fit into society’s “norms”.

My passion to help others through developing an active and healthy lifestyle, along with my desire to contribute as much as I can back to our queer community, has led me to co-found Non Gendered Fitness.

To be a small part of your day that makes a HUGE impact on your life would be one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences that I could hope to have.

Zay Canters


Mindset Coach

Hi! My name is Zay and I am NGF’s Mindset and Holistic Transition Coach. I believe we are all on our own journeys to discovering who we are, who we want to be how we want to express ourselves in this lifetime.

I’ve been on my own journey from overcoming addictions to alcohol and food, and struggling to stick to training programs, and feeling dysphoric due to not understanding my gender identity. Since becoming a certified life coach in 2018, I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my gender identity and have grown to love me for being me.

I now support over a thousand people around the world to gain a healthier relationship with alcohol, in my online support group “How I Quit Drinking Alcohol”. And I support NGF members stick to their training program with 1:1 mindset coaching sessions when times invariably get tough.

During my day to day, you’ll often find me skateboarding, bouldering, drinking chai, working on the NGF website and playing with our two dogs, Archie and Floki.

Get in touch with me any time, I’m looking forward to meeting you one day x

PS. Check out my YouTube Channel “SNOWrise: The Falls Creek Morning Show” from 2014 for a laugh!!

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