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Who are we?

Non Gendered Fitness (previously known as Fearless Movement Collective) is a 100% gender-diverse owned and operated, queer and trans-friendly virtual gym. We offer specialised training programs, tailor-made training programs, classes and personal training services to our incredible trans, gender diverse and queer members online through our training app.

Our Values

What we stand for…


We believe ALL people should be able to access safe and inclusive fitness training services. Our online training welcome all genders, sexualities, intersex variations, races, locations and ages. We exist to make health and fitness accessible for folks around the world.


The team at Non Gendered Fitness know that YOU are different and require a unique service. All our clients have different goals, desires, needs and wants from their training. As a result of that, NGF programs can be personalised and created specifically for each person.


Your training space should be where toilets and change rooms aren’t gendered, and you won’t be stared at, confronted, abused or misunderstood. That’s why we offer our training programs online and classes in our virtual gym, so you can train from the comfort of your own home.

Winners of the GLOBE Community Inspiration Award 2020!

…and finalists for the ‘Improving Health and Wellbeing for LGBTIQ people’ category.

Online Training Programs

specialised online training to help you…

chest-bind safely

Frequent chest-binding can be tough on the body and cause issues and pain. Training can help prevent any long-term damage to your body from chest-binding, feel better while binding, as well as providing relief.

Improve your posture

If you spend a lot of your time chest-binding or sitting at a desk or in front of a computer, chances are you have pretty bad posture. Training can help loosen and strengthen your muscles so you have better posture.

Connect With Your Body

Some folks experience body dysphoria and dysmorphia, and can can easily become disconnected from their bodies. A great side effect of training is building a connection with our bodies.

transition non-medically

The team at Non Gendered Fitness have used fitness training to help us shape our bodies which aligns more with our gender identity. We believe training is a fun and healthy way we can affirm our gender identity!

support medical transition pathways

Some folks choose a medical transition pathway to affirm their gender identity. Training can be a great way to help you prepare both physically and mentally, as well as support your transition, post-surgery.

improve your confidence

When we take positive steps towards our health, wellbeing and affirming our gender identity, we experience improved confidence and higher self-esteem. Feel proud of everything you do for your physical and mental health, no matter how small!

If you are…

Alix Bowie and Rebecca starting a kettlebell swing during a group training session

Committed to making positive changes in your life

Zay and Bowie Training in NGF

Ready to connect with and move your body safely

Alix Bowie and Rebecca starting a kettlebell swing during a group training session

Taking ownership of your health and wellbeing

…you’ll love training with Non Gendered Fitness!


Working with Bowie, my body movement has improved, my feelings about my body have relaxed and I have blossomed as a trans non binary person. Bowie has been there as I learnt to say about myself “go Sara Timms you are awesome”.


(she/her), NGF Client

Bowie and Zay are two of the most supportive people I have ever met! And the services they provide are top notch! I have never felt safer in a “workout environment” (face-to-face sessions) AND the app/online training is easy to understand and a response to questions about parts of your workout is always prompt!

11/10 would recommend NGF!!

Tiarn Edwards

(they/them), NGF Client

I just absolutely love the way the app is. Like honestly, it makes the whole experience at gym so much easier and less intimidating.

James Lolicato

(he/him), CEO, Pride Cup

Start Online Training Today For FREE!

Give online training a go from your own home or alongside your local gym subscription! No equipment or experience needed!

We are proud to be the Personal Training service providers of the With Pride network.

If you are looking for a holistic approach to your health and wellness, you may be interested in having an integrated team of queer and inclusive allied health providers all working together to help you achieve your goals.

With Pride delivers therapeutic services to Self and Plan managed NDIS Participants.
If you are (or are eligible to be) an NDIS participant, you can receive NGF’s Personal Training services through With Pride.


NGF offer a straightforward system of online training with lots of customisation and flexibility, and a super positive vibe.


(they/them), NGF Client

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of NGF that places inclusivity, body positivity and a healthy mindset as high priorities against a fitness world dominated by gender, body shaming and unhealthy goals.


(she/her), NGF Client

Bowie and Zay are warm and welcoming, and really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and supported. I cannot recommend them enough (and have done so to my friends!).


(they/them), NGF Client


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I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks and I have to say they’re really accommodating with working within your schedule to work out what works best for you. They’re easy to approach and the online app is great to use. Thanks guys! Definitely recommend!!

Mel Bedggood

Between The Lines

Thank you Bowie & Zay and for making me fearless in my goals and drive to achieve them!



(she/her), Grid Iron Athlete

Wonderful service these amazing people provide. Inspiring, simple and easy to follow workouts. Cant wait to get back in it tomorrow 💪

Sarah Wisebird

Free Sessions

Check out the latest FREE Full Training Sessions…




No Uncomfortable Gym spaces

We know not all people have a queer or trans friendly gym in their local area. When you train at home, you won’t need to worry about change room situations, be looked at by strangers or be pushed to do things you don’t want to.

have your pronouns respected

We are fully aware of the importance of pronouns and our gender identities being respected. You’re identity is respected here and you can be comfortable just being yourself!

Perfect for beginners

If you’ve never trained or exercised before, that’s totally fine. Getting started with exercise can be a really scary and intimidating thing. That’s why our programs teach you the fundamentals of training and build up from there. No experience is necessary!

No Need for expensive gym equipment

You don’t actually need expensive gym equipment to get the results you want from training. If you want to train at the gym, you can use a NGF training program to guide you. But if you don’t, you can train in your bedroom, lounge room or garage!

queer training buddies

Join a community of like-minded fun and friendly queer folks all working to improve our own fitness, health, physique and wellbeing! It’s not easy finding a training buddy. But at Non Gendered Fitness, we’re all here to support each other and make training more enjoyable!

Train at your own pace in your own time

You don’t need to keep up with anyone else in the class or feel like you need to do what other people are doing. You can train at the pace that suits you and at the time that suits you. Online training gives you the most flexibility!

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