[Episode 79] Things To Know About Your Body – Mini-series Wrap Up

by | Dec 8, 2021

In this episode is a mini-series wrap up! Ill be tying up everything covered in Important Things To Know About Your Body.

This is not to say that in the few episodes that I’ve done that I’ve covered anything even close to things that are important to know about ourselves.

But I hope that these episodes have given you an insight into things you may not have known about your body or even helped you see your body from a place of curiosity about the complexity of it.




Knowing more about your body can help you work with it!

Now as I’ve said over the past few episodes when we can understand more about how our bodies function, it can help motivate us to care for our bodies.

Because I get that when we are in a position where our bodies don’t necessarily present the way we want, that it becomes easy to just avoid our bodies and anything that it does.


Cartoon shooting star leaving a rainbow trail with a caption that says "The mo' you know"


But long term this doesn’t help us. And that’s because our experience with our bodies can and likely will change over time.

It’s impossible to expect that you’re only ever gonna feel one way about your body and that’s it.

This is why getting curious about how our bodies function and how they exist in the world can be a helpful way to begin caring for our body in different ways. Things will probably change



Keeping it in mind while you’re training

A lot of the work I do in supporting the folks who come to us for training involves teaching them these types of things about themselves.

Because when it comes to getting active and moving our bodies we really need to know stuff about it.

Over the past few episodes we’ve gone through what macro and micro nutrients are, how our muscles grow and where our body fat goes when we lose it.

Now these three things are very closely connected.


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They influence each other in that what we put into our bodies as nutrients dictates how much muscles we grow from training and how much body fat we break down.

Whether this break down is caused by an increase of physical activity, a change in the foods you eat or a combination of both.

So when it comes to caring about our bodies, knowing what foods do to our bodies, how our muscles grow and how our bodies break down fats makes all the difference.

Many of the folks I train have aesthetic training goals. And you may have guessed what I’m about to say here. it’s not likely that they will achieve them without knowing how their bodies do the things that they want to change.



Applying what you know about your body

And this means that you can learn these things and begin to make changes for you too. What I’ve shared with you over the past few weeks can be a great place to start learning about your body.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go make changes with anything. Just building awareness about ourselves is really great for us.

Once you’re feeling like you’re getting a bit of idea about your body, you may want to make some changes. And there are definitely some things that you can do.


Macro and Micronutrients

When it comes to your macro and micro nutrients you can be just noticing what you’re eating each meal and paying attention to how it makes you feel as you eat it. When you’ve finished eating it and even in the hours afterwards.

Look out for feeling bloated, lethargic or really low on energy. These are often indicators that something we’ve eaten hasn’t agreed with our bodies.

Take note also of the types of foods that you eat. Begin to learn what foods you eat are carbs, proteins and fats.

This is a great way to begin relating these words with something tangible.


How fat cells work

If you’re sore after session that can be a sign that you’re doing movements that are helping your muscles grow. These same activities are also very likely to be increasing the break down of fat in your body.

Remember, its a long journey and it takes time! So be sure to keep these practices sustainable.

Don’t feel that you have to go all out and make yourself really sore all the time after training for your session to be “doing something”.


How muscles grow

If you’re getting active or training, you can pay attention to how your body feels after your sessions.

Some soreness post training is great but if you’re stiff and sore for more than 3 days after a session, your training isn’t actually gonna be doing you much good because your recovery time means you train less.

On top of this. The foods you eat when you’re training have a big influence on how quickly your body recovers.


So keep this in mind. Remember when I broke down macronutrients that I spoke about protein being the macro we need to help the micro tears in our muscles heal.

Well if you’re not eating enough protein when you’re training, that slow recovery may also be influenced by not getting enough protein for muscle recovery.



Knowing about your body is great but not the be-all-end-all

Now don’t think that you’ve gotta know everything there is to know about your body before you can get active. That is definitely not the case.

So if you wanna get started moving, you totally can. And as you learn more about the exercises you’re doing, you can also learn more about what your body is doing.

Being able to feel some of the things that I’m talking about in your body can be a great way to help build your understanding.



Closing Recap

That is a wrap for this mini-series folks! All-in-all, this was to know how our bodies function. We can play an active role in how they exist in this word instead of simply passively living in them.

  • We had a look at macro and micro nutrients first. How they have a direct connection to how your muscles grow as well as how much fat your body breaks down.
  • Then we had a look at how exactly muscles work and how they grow. Especially how this applies in your training.
  • The last topic was about fat cells, how they work and what is happening when you lose weight.

And this episode, we looked at somethings that you can look out for, being how your eating makes you feel. How you are recovering after training and understanding how to manage your eating in relation to getting more active to allow your body to heal from training.

Until next week remember that you don’t simply have to exist in your body. You can play a big part in how you feel within yourself and how you present to the world. And learning about yourself is an amazing place to start with that.

Have a rad as day pals.

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