NGF provides a range of services to support our awesome TGD community in Melbourne and around the world.

‘Ready-To-Go’ Training Programs

Starting from $13 a week

‘Ready-To-Go training programs are programs that are designed to help you achieve a partiular goal. As soon as you purchase one of these programs you can start training straight away!

At Home Training Program

An award-winning online program for folks just getting started with movement, exercise or training. You don’t need a gym subscription or equipment to get started, just sign up and follow along to the program and exercise demonstration videos.

Beginner Kettlebell Training Program

This training program will teach you the basics of training with kettlebells in a safe, fun and incremental way. This program is designed for folks who have have never used kettlebells before or have never trained with a specialist Russian style kettlebell trainer.

‘Made-For You’ Training Programs

$35 a week

‘Made-For-You’ Training Programs are designed specifically for you and your needs. They come with unlimited support and program tweaks and changes. These programs are updated frequently, based on your progress and needs.

Tailored Training Program

If you’ve got a particular goal you are working towards, you have certain gym equipment, or your body has certain limitations or moves differently, a tailored training program may be just what you need! You will get to work with your coach, who will design a personalised training program just for you.

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