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It can often seem that when it comes to fitness coaches, all you will ever hear about from us is training programs, health and macros something, something… Aaaaand right about this point your eyes have glazed over and what you are actually thinking about is the best way to escape the situation by any means possible.

It seems as though there is nothing else to talk about for coaches. I promise today I am not going to talk about fitness. Instead let me tell you about how I am vegan…. JOKE! Well I actually am vegan, but I am not going to talk about that either.

I recently moved to Melbourne from a very, very small town in regional Queensland. Now it may sound quaint but trust me, when you are a 6 foot queerbo with guns and a half shaved head, it is an adventure every day. I have experienced first hand the struggles and discrimination that the LGBTIQ community faces every day and understand that this struggle may never feel like it will end.

I could have let my whole life in Rednecksville destroy me. For a lot of my younger years I did find it hard, I thought of giving up, ending everything and never having to think about how hopeless I felt ever again.

Instead of doing something crazy, I had a long think to myself about it all. I knew this didn’t have to be my life. I knew there were people out there who were accepting and tolerant and totally fucking amazing and I made it my mission to go out and find these people. Of course this mission was based around going out in the fractionally larger town located a ways up the highway and getting wasted every day (18 year old Bowie’s logic was a little short sighted to say the least).

As I got older, I met different people, I traveled, I lived in other countries and slowly I started to see that I could spend my life searching for this fabled acceptance that I thought I needed from others until I realised I actually needed to start believing in myself and accepting myself. 

I am non-binary. It took me a long long time to figure it out but only a heartbeat to accept it.

I am so proud to be queer. My hardships have made me strong, physically and mentally. My story is not unique, it is one shared by so many in our community. A community that I am so proud to be part of and contribute to.

That is why I co-founded Non Gendered Fitness. To support every queer who wants to find an outlet that will help them change their lives. We are all on a journey together, we are a community and together we are strong.

I have made it my mission to give back, because I know sharing experiences helps others to feel less alone in their own situations.

NGF is here and we want anyone from our community who wants to feel like they are part of something to join us. You don’t have to be involved in our fitness programs (we would love you to though, and you can find out more HERE). You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or find more blogs on our website, just to be part of what we share.

We would love to hear your stories and share more of ours, whether they are health and fitness related or queer related. We are here to make our community fearless.

Bowie Stover

Bowie Stover


Bowie is one of the co-founders of Non Gendered Fitness and the head fitness and nutrition coach. They are an expert in Transgender and Gender Diverse health, fitness and TGD inclusion in sport.

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