[Episode 06] Quality Sleep Is More Beneficial Than Training

by | Mar 6, 2020

In today’s episode we’ll be exploring the benefits of sleep.

Now don’t be fooled into thinking that sleep is overrated. It is actually one of the best activities that you can participate in.

The catch is (because nothing is ever that simple) the sleep you’re getting must be quality sleep.

What’s quality sleep? It is sleep that includes all five stages of the sleep cycle and lasts between 7-9 hours.

There five stages of sleep which are commonly grouped into two types of sleep. These two types of sleep are REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and Non REM sleep. Non REM sleep includes four of the five stages.


The five stages of sleep are:

  • Stage 1 – The transition between awake and asleep.
  • Stages 2, 3 and 4 – When eye movement stops and when your body temperature falls and you sleep deeply.
  • Stage 5 – REM sleep. It’s when your eyes move rapidly, your blood pressure and heart rate increase and the brain becomes active. It’s thought to be the stage when you dream and is important for learning and creating new memories.

REM sleep happens every 90 minutes for the duration that you’re asleep.

Figuring out how to get the best sleep can be made a bit easier if you take some time to figure out a sleep routine that works for you and your needs.

This routine may be different for each person. The best way to start is to plan a time you’d like to go to sleep and then base your routine around achieving that goal.


The FREE Sleep Routine Guide

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One of the most effective ways that we’ve found can help get your body ready for sleep is with deep breathing. This practice helps lower your heart rate and reduce stress in the body.

This creates the perfect state for rest and sleep. If you want to learn more about how to diaphragmatic aka deep breathe, we covered it in Episode 1 of Non Gendered Fitness and added a neat little video tutorial to follow along to. I strongly recommend you check that out.

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