[Episode 71] Training Can Feel Weird

by | Oct 8, 2021

[Episode 71] Training Can Feel Weird

In this episode we will be exploring how getting started with training can feel weird. Specifically how awkward, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing moving our bodies can be.

Now it’s really not spoken about very often, how weird some movements are. And I’ve worked with so many folks that have found that weirdness and discomfort has been a big barrier for them in staying active.




It’s the same for everyone. Training is always going to feel weird at the start!

I totally get it. Seriously, training is pretty ploppin weird. With all the ways that you might end up having to poke your butt out, pull your arms back which can be really exposing of the chest and spreading your legs wide for movements as well.

All in the name of building strength, tone, muscle, or overall fitness.

I mean let’s face it, there is never another time in your life where you’d do any movements like this, unless you’re maybe a dancer??

I can only image the first person who did a dead lift and then decided it’d be so great that they had to get their friends involved, like “hey everyone, I’ve just found this really great movement that made my legs feels funny. All you’ve gotta do is poke your butt right out and bend forwards a little to lift this thing up… Come on, try it”

And their friends being like, “yeah I don’t know about that, it looks pretty weird to me”.

As I mentioned just a moment ago, this awkwardness when we move our bodies isn’t often talked about.

Just know that it is totally ok to feel this way. Legit, training is flippin weird and awkward and can make you feel like a bit of a nufty.

Even after all the years that I’ve been training, I still feel like that. Especially when I’m practicing new movements.


Someone doing yoga awkwardly



There’s plenty of reasons why it might feel weird at the start.

Just know that it’s totally ok to feel this way. There is nothing wrong with you if you do experience this. It’s because moving our bodies in some ways really just is weird.

So if you find that moving your body feels awkward or embarrassing I want you to know it’s ok to feel like that. There’s nothing wrong with you at all.

And it can take time to get past those feelings.

The more you do certain movements, the more comfortable you become with them.

This is actually the beginnings of developing functional strength which is what we spoke about back in Episode 64.

The best thing you can do if this comes up for you is acknowledge the feelings. Perhaps you can get a little curious and explore exactly why this is coming up for you.

Now I know we all have different relationships with our bodies. And we have all had many different experiences through our lives that can influence our views on our bodies.

Feeling self-conscious in our bodies is fuelled by many different things.

If you feel like you have the capacity to, it can be really helpful to begin to work through why these feelings are coming up.

And it doesn’t have to be done alone. If you need support, I highly recommend you get it. Especially if this could be something that’s really triggering for you.

Another option is to start with smaller movements or modified movements. For example, if you feel really awkward doing squats, you could start by having a chair behind you and standing up out of it, then sitting down.

Then gradually moving the chair away from you, until you can do that motion without a chair there at all and BOOM, you’re now squatting.

Just don’t think you have to go all in at once and make yourself do all the movements.



So where do i start to get past this weirdness?

You can even start by practicing movements that you do know or that don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

This can be really helpful in allowing you to build your confidence in just feeling your body move and doing something that is familiar to you.

You don’t have to do this alone either. Though I totally get that sometimes the thought of moving in front of other folks is the furthest thing from what you want to do.

But, sometimes when everyone is doing the same movement it is just less weird.

It’s what I tell our crew when we’re all working on stuff together, that it’s not weird if we’re all doing it.


Cheshire Cat from Alice in wanderland saying "We're all mad here


It’s also ok to laugh at yourself as you’re moving. Because it doesn’t have to be all serious. Moving your body can be playful and fun. And this can take the pressure off and help you relax a little.

Don’t ever think that your movements have to be perfect. Perfection is a trap because it is subjective and doesn’t really exist.

Just remember that. If you’re feeling a little weird in your movements, remember that there is no right or wrong way to move your body. There are just the ways your body moves, however awkward that may feel at first.



What if it still feels way too weird?!

I touched on this just a moment ago, but if you’re feeling really challenged to move and don’t know where to start or how to start, getting a coach to guide you can be really helpful.

So finding someone that helps you feel supported to move in your unique ways can ease that self consciousness.

We run a couple pay as you fell sessions each week that could be a great place to start if you’re looking for that extra bit of support to get moving with a little bit of direction, check out our classes at our website.

Then we can all move weirdly together.

Now I know that not everyone can access a coach, and that is totally ok. If you feel like you have the capacity, you can always follow along to a training session like the ones we have in our training library on our website.

They are low intensity training sessions designed to help you get moving in a gradual and relaxed way.

These or something similar that you may find on YouTube could be a great option to help you break the ice so to speak when it comes to introducing movement to your life in a chill way.



Closing Recap

We’ve touched on a lot today.

We’ve had a good old look at how weird training really is, how weird and awkward it can feel and that so many of the movements are very unique to training and generally don’t relate to movements we do in our everyday lives.

Remembering that there is nothing wrong with having these feelings come up. They are totally valid.

Our relationships with our bodies are complex. And it’s ok to take your time with introducing movement into your day. Just remember you can start slow and make it as playful and fun as you like.

Training does not have to be all serious.

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