[Episode 55] You Don’t Need To Fulfill Anyone’s Stereotype

by | Mar 19, 2021

In this episode I’m gonna be talking with you about body image

Particularly the image that is sold by the fitness industry of stereotypically muscular “men” (People assigned Male at birth) and feminine, toned and petite “women” (People assigned Female at birth).

Now I know that I often point out the messaging and imagery that the fitness industry uses. This is because they are selling a false image to people.

They bet on folks coming to them because they feel unhappy with where they are at and thinking that if they just cut calories and go to a gym do and do HIIT classes and lift weights then they are going to look like the fitness models in the pictures they see everywhere.

And there is so much wrong with this. The biggest problem I see here is that it is selling a really toxic image that implies that health can only be achieved if you look like  a fitness model.

Bowie Stover Thinking Pose

Bowie Stover

Pronouns: they/them

My passion to help others through developing an active and healthy lifestyle, along with my desire to contribute as much as I can back to our queer community, has led me to co-found Non Gendered Fitness. To be a small part of your day that makes a HUGE impact on your life would be one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences that I could hope to have.

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Bowie Stover
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