[Episode 29] Understanding Ways You Can Train: Part Five – Putting It All Together

by | Aug 21, 2020

In this episode we will be wrapping up and putting a little bow on all the ways you can train. We’re gonna check out how it can all be put together and breaking a few misconceptions around training along the way.

We’ve spent a bit of time over the past weeks exploring all the different ways you can train. The thing is, they are not necessarily separate in their application.

These ways of training are;

If you haven’t had a listen to those episodes yet, I’ve linked them above for you.

If you treat each of these ways of training as though they are in a bubble, we miss out on allowing our bodies to get the most out of movement. Ignoring certain ways to train leads to imbalances.



Feel good about trying out all the different ways and different combinations of training styles. You’re never gonna know whether or not you like them until you do. And even if you don’t like them to start with doesn’t mean in the future you won’t change your mind.

That was me and cardio endurance training. Whatever you want to do, it’s NEVER set in stone. Feel good about allowing your activities to evolve as you learn your body and what you want and need from it.



A trainer’s own personal bias is going to influence what they teach you, so just be mindful of that. This includes me. I believe that moving in as many ways as you can and in ways that feel good for you are beneficial, I also strongly believe that a kettlebell is the best training tool to ever be, there are other trainers out there who would swear against all of this.

If you do decide to work with a coach have a look for who is around you? Are there coaches in your area that you’d feel comfortable working with? I don’t just mean from an affirming perspective, I mean do you trust their knowledge and experience?

If you can’t find someone close, can you access someone remotely? At the moment, with more trainers going online, you almost have your pick of anyone. Location is no longer a limitation.

So, it can pay to do some google questing for online coaches. I know I’ve shared with you that I work in the online space so I’m gonna link to our free trial in the show notes. If you’ve been wondering what online training could be like or you’ve been wanting to try our stuff out, now could be your time friend.

Bowie Stover Thinking Pose

Bowie Stover

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