[Episode 28] Breaking Trans Femme Stereotypes: An Interview With Anastasia Le

by | Aug 14, 2020

In today’s episode, I have another great conversation to share with you. Recently I sat down for a call with my good friend and former JOY 94.9 radio show co host Anastasia Le.

Anastasia is a human rights advocate, a woman who has lived a trans-experience. She came to Australia at the tender age of 16 with the hope of a better future.

Upon landing Australia, she found herself entangled in cultural shock, discrimination and the chaotic confusion of gender and sexuality.

All those issues, on top of her years-long battle with body dysphoria since puberty (and teenage angst) resulted in a debilitating battle with depression. She found herself at the bottom of life.

Now you can listen to her voice on Joy 94.9 Australia’s only LGBTQIA+ radio station, as a radio presenter and podcaster. Ana can also be found at the occasional parade in Melbourne.

She campaigns on the side, working to spread the message of empathy and equality through her other volunteer work and public speaking.

Anastasia looks forward to changing the way the world sees beauty. And she has plans to be a comedian.



You can find Anastasia on Facebook at Anastasia Le or Instagram as rainbowintheashes.

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